August 2005
Various pictures
Prachya Pinkaew's next film
Check out scans of "Zap" magazine (thanks to Lee Mason), pictures of Tony Jaa and his elephants , pictures of a meeting with audience in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and more images of the 200 000 000 Baths party several days ago.


Prachya Pinkaew will make a film about a 15 year old Taekwondo girl. The lead role will go to Yanin Misawittanan and the film might be called "Jee Jaa"...

US Ong-Bak dvd
Articles from Impact magazine
The US Ong-Bak dvd is availbale to buy on 30 august 2005 with some interesting features :

* Available subtitles: English, Spanish
* Available Audio Tracks: Thai (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
* Rap music video featuring Tony Jaa
* Making of the music video
* The 8 movements of Muay Thai
* Behind-the-scenes stunt footage
* Tony Jaa performance at French screening
* Tony Jaa performance at NBS game
* Promotional video featuring The RZA
* Trailer featuring The RZA
* Additional Trailers

Here are two interesting articles from Impact magazine : the first published review of Born to Fight in the UK (page 1, 2, 3 and 4) and a very detailed article about Thai cinema history (pages 1, 2, 3, 4). Thanks to Lee Mason from Impact Magazine.

4th and 5th Tony Jaa's projects already revealed ? 28-08-2005
A member of has sent us a link to an article from Matichon Sud Sub Dah (Thai Political Magazine). In this article Sia Jiang (Somsak Techarattanaprasert, owner of Sahamongkol film) reveals several informations about Tony Jaa's next projects :

- 3th film : called "Sword" might be about a Thai hero called King Naresuan the Great (and not Phraya Pichai Daab Hak like we said before), still about thai sword. Prachya Pinkaew is the director.

- 4th film : no details expected that it'll be a big project... Sia Jiang would like to contact John Woo.

- 5th film : a film about Hanuman (a monkey god. He is a noble hero and great devotee of Lord Rama of the Ramayana). Rachain Limtrakul would be the director (he was one of the producer of "Killer Tatoo" with Mum Jokmok).

Thank you very much to Panom Roong.

Buy the Tom Yum Goong making of ! 24-08-2005
The making of Tom Yum Goong is now available to buy in good quality on ! The 60 minutes VCD features behind the scene of the film and unseen clips (US$ 5.5, free worldwide shipping)...

Check out a clip of Tony Jaa on reuters as well as on See also some pictures of the "200.000.000 Baths" party in Bangkok to celebrate Tom Yum Goong success !

** Update ** A lot of new pictures from the TYG premiere in Taiwan earlier this month are now available in the gallery.

Australian Ong-Bak dvd's release 24-08-2005
The Australian Ong-Bak DVD is release on 24 august with over 3 hours of extras including :

* Both uncut and cut version of Ong-Bak
* "Born For the Fight" Thai boxing Documentary
* Making of ONG BAK / Behind the Scenes
* Tony Jaa Interview / Director Interview
* French music video
* Artwork Gallery (poster, stills and storyboards)
* Thai Teaser & Theatrical Trailer
* French Teaser & Theatrical Trailer

Click here to buy this dvd.

Various updates 22-08-2005
A quick sum up about the Tom Yum Goong boxoffice in Thailand :

· The biggest opening Thursday grossing film of all time (19.7 million baht surpassing 14.2 mb’s The Matrix: Reloaded)

· The biggest Friday grossing film of all time (31.4 mb surpassing 21.2 mb’s LOTR 3)

· The biggest single day grossing film of all time (31.4 mb surpassing 26.4 mb’s Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)

· The biggest (4-Day) opening weekend grossing film of all time (98.6 mb surpassing 81.1 mb’s Spider-man2)

· The fastest grossing film to HIT 100 mb mark of all time (in 4 days) (Spider-man2 reached 100 mb in 6 days)

On you can download a free demo of "Tom Yum Goong : The Game" (330 MB, trial version, for windows XP). Attention, the download might be slow since the server is overloaded. Click here for a direct download. The full version of the game is available to buy on

New Tony Jaa's photoshot taken in Korea. Also check out the gallery for the latest pictures updates.

Chai Ba Din Show 20-08-2005
You can now download the "Chai Ba Din Show" aired on television two days ago (33 MB, 43 mins, thai language, low quality). The show features an interview of Tony Jaa, Prachya Pinkaew, Panna Rittikrai and Mum Jokmok.
Videos from Korea 20-08-2005
Several videos of Tony Jaa in Korea : clip 1 (touching meeting with his korean fan-club), clip 2, clip 3 and clip 4.
Tony Jaa directed by Yuen Woo-ping ? 20-08-2005
News or rumor ? Associated Press (South China Morning Post) has reported that Tony Jaa may star in a Hong Kong action film directed by Yuen Woo-ping, a fight choreographer for two of the Matrix films. The unnamed HK$50 million film, will pit Jaa against Wu Jing, a martial arts actor trained by Jet Li's teacher, in a Thai kickboxing versus Chinese kung fu martial arts extravaganza, Apple Daily reported, citing a spokeswoman for Hong Kong artist management company Gold Label. "A fight between the two [Jaa and Wu] will be fresh for the audience," the report quoted the spokeswoman, identified only as Chan, as saying.

Talks on the project, to be produced by Peter Chan Ho-sun, director of the 1999 US film The Love Letter, are still ongoing, the report said. The female star of the film could be Hong Kong pop singer Miriam Yeung, the report said. Jaa, who made his name in the Thai kickboxing film Ong-bak or Muay Thai Warrior and who is currently starring in Tom Yum Goong — a box-office hit in his native Thailand — has been given information on the project, Apple Daily said.

Peter Chan speaks Thai and will handle negotiations with Jaa, the report said. It was not clear if any of the artists named in the report have committed to the project. Calls to a Gold Label spokeswoman went unanswered on Thursday.

Yuen has directed and choreographed dozens of martial arts films over the past 30 years, but he received international recognition for his work on the groundbreaking The Matrix and its sequel, The Matrix: Reloaded.

Attention this is only a rumor for the moment, nothing official.

Tony Jaa going to Hollywood in 2007 ? 19-08-2005
News heard today on thai radio : Sia Jiang (Sahamongkol Film's owner) told a reporter that if there's a good offer, Tony Jaa will go to work with an international film company. Recently, there was some negotiation, and he is satisfied with the first stage of it. He named Warner Brothers and the company that works with Tom Cruise and Mel Gibson. He said it's more likely that Tony Jaa will work with another company in the future but Jaa will probably do "Sword" first. They'll begin making "Sword" at the end of this year and it will be out on 2007. Many thanks to Cactrot Rapido for this information.

More news about Tony Jaa in Korea. Check out pictures of Tony visiting a temple, playing base-ball (yes he can fly even while playing base-ball :) and doing a tv show. See also two video clips from korean tv news : clip 1 and clip 2.

Tony Jaa in Korea updates 18-08-2005
Check out a lot of new pictures of Tony Jaa promoting Tom Yum Goong in Korea as well as several video clips (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3 : click on TYG picture).

You can now buy the official TYG merchandises on the official website.

Tony Jaa in Korea 16-08-2005
Tony Jaa is currently in Korea promoting Tom Yum Goong. Check out several photos as well as two clips of his new demo (clip 1 / clip 2). Thanks to


Tom Yum Goong : The game will soon be launched for mobile phones and Ong-Bak is being released on UMD for the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) in Canada and the United States on October 4, 2005. Follow this link to buy it. summed up the Tom Yum Goong success :
Sahamongkolfilm International’s martial arts flick Tom Yum Goong has smashed box office records in both Thailand and Hong Kong on its opening weekend. The US$8m picture, a follow up to Ong Bak that reunites director Prachya Pinkaew and action star Tony Jaa, has grossed a massive $2.4m (THB98m) after four days of release on a record 243 screens in Bangkok alone, according to Sahamongkofilm.
It also took the second highest opening ever on $0.48m, just beating 2001’s Thai historical epic The Legend of Suriyothai which scored $0.47m on its first day. It went on to score higher on its second day with $0.77m, breaking all records for a single day release.
The picture is set to be this year’s highest grossing film. The top earner so far is Thai slapstick comedy Luang Pee Teng with $3.44m, which is also the fourth highest grossing local film in Thai history.
In Hong Kong, Tom Yum Goong, released through Edko Films, opened at the top of the box office chart with US$152,656, making it the best opening for a Thai film in the territory. The previous record was held by Iron Ladies’ $122,279. Tom Yum Goong grossed $660,599 on 42 screens over the opening weekend, slightly ahead of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory which collected $625,603.
Tom Yum Goong, which garnered $15m in presales, will roll out in Korea through Showbox and Mediaplex on 18 August and in Taiwan through New Action and 20th Century Fox on 19 August. Earlier this month, the Weinstein Company announced it had picked up US and multiple territory rights to the film.

TYG still number 1 15-08-2005
Tom Yum Goong is still number 1 at the box-office in Thailand and Hong-Kong. Check out the HK week-end box office : Rising action star Tony Jaa cemented his credentials this weekend as his new action film TOM YUM GOONG bested CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY for the top spot at the HK box office. The Thai actor's new film raked in HK$1.52 million on Sunday on its way to a HK$5.13 million opening four days. You can also read a review of the film on (spoiler). Tom Yum Goong is already a big success only four days after its release !

Yesterday Tony Jaa, his mother and father were the guest of the "Lang Ka Deaw Kan" show (29 MB, 29 mins, thai language).

Kor Boke show 15-08-2005
Check out the "Kor Boke show" which was aired two days ago on thai television (33.2 MB, 25 mins). I think it does not worth to download for people who don't understand thai language because it's a long interview of Tony Jaa and Prachya Pinkaew.

You can also download two short clips from the Tom Yum Goong premiere in Thailand (clip 1 / clip 2) and see two pictures of this premiere.

TYG making of part 2 14-08-2005
You can now download the making of Tom Yum Goong part 2 / Mirror (18.5 MB, 20 mins) and read the Reader's Digest's article in english language (thanks to Krit).

Tom Yum Goong number 1 ! 13-08-2005
Good news ! Tom Yum Goong is number one in Thailand and Hong Kong ! The film has generated more than 100 millions of Bath and $1.1 in Hong Kong in only two days. Congratulations to Tony Jaa, Prachya Pinkaew and the whole team !

Several weeks ago, Tony Jaa shooted an advertissement with Ron Smoorenburg (Tony Jaa's opponent in TYG) in order to promote thai fruits. You can now download this TV commercial here (right click and save, 2MB). Mum Jokmok is part of the commercial as well as a girl who played in Ong-Bak. Must be seen ! Thanks a lot to Kumi.

Check out several updates on the site : images of the TYG comic book (thanks to, pictures of Tony Jaa promoting TYG in Taiwan and three short clips of TYG (video 1, 2 and 3 / attention spoilers !).

Buy the "Ong-Bak on tour" book ! 11-08-2005
The "Ong-Bak on tour book" was released today on ! The book retraces the success of the film around the world with 102 pages of pictures and stories. It's sell with a free VCD which contains a tv show aired in Thailand on July 2005. Don't miss it since Prachya Pinkaew talked about during this show !

Tom Yum Goong released today ! 11-08-2005
Tom Yum Goong, the new Tony Jaa's film, is release today in Thailand and Hong Kong. Lucky people who have seen it can share their impressions about the film on the forum !
Buy Tom Yum Goong merchandise ! 09-08-2005
You can now buy the official book and the game of Tom Yum Goong, the new film of Tony Jaa due to be released in two days in Asia. Enjoy !

* The official book : $12.5 (free worldwide shipping)

152 pages
Thai language
- Synopsis
- Story Board
- Making of
- Director's interview
- Ja - Panom Yeerum
- Traditional Muay Thai in Tom Yum Goong
- Punna Litikrai as action director
- Thai elephants

* The game : $15.5 (free worldwide shipping)

Thai language with english subtitles. The pack contains a free bonus VCD : a video in which Tony Jaa thanks !, explanations of 30 Muay Thai moves, 3D animation with a narrating of Tony Jaa, making of the game and interviews. For more techicnal informations, check out

"Tee Nee Mor Chit" show 09-08-2005
Download the "Tee Nee Mor Chit" show aired on thai tv two days ago (30 MB, 23'50, thai language). It features an interview of Tony Jaa as well as some images of the TYG premiere in Hong Kong in which Tony Jaa learned Muay Thai to 1000 fans. A korean website has also posted a video of this premiere (right click and save).

Check out several old Tony Jaa's pictures from an thai movie with Panna Rittikrai.

If you are interested in buying the old films of Panna Rittikirai (Tony Jaa's master, martial arts choregrapher of Ong-Bak, Born to Fight and Tom Yum Goong) check out the merchandise section.

Wan Wan Young Wann Yuu show+TYG making of 06-08-2005
Several news today. First, you can now download the "Wan Wan Young Wann Yuu show" which was aired yesterday on Thai television (43 mins, 38 MB, thai language, medium quality, no hotlink please!). Check out some screencaps and a translation with some interesting facts to know.
During the show, you can see Tony Jaa singing and meeting his favorite thai actress but also his younger brother and a kid of his family doing a Muay Thai demonstration. Also, Tony Jaa kindly talked again about Thank you so much !


Several hours ago was aired the first part of the "making of Tom Yum Goong". Download it here : video 1, video 2, video 3 (recorded with digital camera). The second part of the making of will be aired on 13 august (Channel 7, 10:45 am Thai time).

People interested can see several thai magazines scans on

TYG making of on TV 05-08-2005
Prepare your video recorder ! The "Tom Yum Goong making of" will be aired in two parts (6 and 13 august) on Channel 7 at 10:45 am (Thai time). By the way, don't forget to watch the "Wan Wan Young Wann Yuu" show today (5 august) on Channel 7 at 10:25 pm (Thai time). You can watch Channel 7 for free on

According to, the Weinstein Company has picked up US and multiple territory rights of Tom Yum Goong. The Weinsteins also hold rights in Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. TF1 International holds remaining worldwide rights. A US release date will be set in due course.

**Update** Check out the gallery for various updates including images of the "Ong-Bak on tour" book (on sale on 8 august) and pictures of the TYG presse preview which was held yesterday. There will be an another premiere for audience next week.

Tom Yum Goong merchandise 04-08-2005
More informations about the Tom Yum Goong merchandises, thanks to Simplyworld : the Ong-Bak world tour book will be available to buy in Thailand on 8 august 2005 along with a Ong-Bak world tour premium VCD. Plus :

Tony Jaa's toy size 12" ($75)
Tony Jaa's action fingure size 7" ($10)
Elephant toy size 6" ($5.5)
Elephant toy size 13" ($7.25)

... but also Tony Jaa watch and shirts, TYG handbill and poster, and many more... More informations later about how and where to buy these merchandises.

Tee Sib show to download 03-08-2005
You can now watch and download the whole "Tee Sib" show aired on channel 3 yesterday (40 MB, 47 minutes, medium quality, thai language, no hotlink please !). If you are not interested by the entire show, check out this short video of Tony Jaa fighting with Nathan Jones and Johnny Nguyen.

Tony Jaa was again the guest of the "Dung Zoug Sai Rong" TV show in Hong Kong on 1 August 2005. On this video (number 2), you can see Tony Jaa learning some Muay Kotchasan's moves (based on elephants movements) to 1000 fans ! Thanks to KM.

Tee Sib Show 02-08-2005
Today Tony Jaa and the TYG cast were guests of the "Tee Sib" show in Thailand. You can watch two video clips from the show : one in which Tony Jaa is rapping (!) and the other one in which he did a stunt demo with his stuntmen and Johnny Nguyen. You can also see some screencaps of the show.

By the way, you can now but your tickets for the TYG release in Thailand. People reserving now will get free MAMA Cup noodle TOM-YUM-GOONG flavoured...


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