December 2005


Tony Jaa will be present at the Supannahong Movies Award Presentation 31-12-2005

Tony Jaa will be present at the Supannahong Movie Awards Presentation. The program will be held on January 4th, 2006 in Phang Nga (Thailand), a province devastated by the Tsunami last year. This time the committee has decided to move the event from Bangkok to Phang Nga to promote and help boost the tourism in Phang Nga again. That is to help telling visitors, both Thai people and international tourists, to come back to Phang Nga because the place is beautiful now after the disaster.

More information soon on how to see the show online!


Tony Jaa in Tee Sib sending a New Year gift to disabled child 30-12-2005

Charro sent in this short video (4MB, low quality, Thai) of the TV show "Tee Sib" which was on air on Tuesday 27th, December. Tony was one of the celebrities who sent in their gifts for a lucky draw held by the program. The program held the New Year party for 200 disabled children. The lucky child who got the gift of Tony was a blind boy. Tony’s New Year gift for him was a gold necklace.

Actually Tony did not appear in the show. We only saw him giving some words through a short video. Here is the translation of his message.

“Sawatdee Krap (Hello). Happy New Year to everybody watching this program at home and all the children at the studio. For this coming New Year, I wish all Thai people and all the children there to live a happy life, both physically and mentally. And congratulations to the one who’s got my gift. This New Year gift is for you. Keep on fighting. You’ll always get my support.”

Many thanks to Charro!


Videos and article 29-12-2005 has two videos of Tony : a short interview in khmer and a demo in Singapore.

Tom Yum Goong is due to be released on 8th February 2006 in Belgium.

Check out this article about Hong-Kong movie industry quoting Tony Jaa :

Where does the future of Hong Kong's martial arts films lie? Maybe in other Asian countries.

Said Mr Yu: ''New gongfu stars will emerge from China and Thailand, like Tony Jaa. This is because society there has yet to reach the level of comfort Hong Kong has, and people are less jaded about martial arts and training than those in Hong Kong.''

Tony was also the first name Mr Lim proposed - and the Thai phenomenon hasn't even made a Hong Kong movie yet.

But that may change. In August, Apple Daily reported that talks to get Tony for a movie with Yuen Wo-Ping as director were underway. Nothing, however, has been confirmed.

''The Hong Kong film market is embracing Tony Jaa. He reminds them of action stars they used to have, like Yuen Biao, Donnie Yen ... Then, it seemed like everyone could fight,'' said Lim. ''Now it seems like everyone can't fight.''


Like one of his flying-knee strikes, Tony exploded on the scene with the hugely successful Ong Bak and followed that up with the equally action-packed Tom Yum Goong.

The 29-year-old Muay Thai expert, previously known as Panom Yeerum, may not be from Hong Kong, but then, neither were Jet (China) nor Michelle Yeoh (Malaysia), though Tony would be unique in that he made his name elsewhere.

With the continuing trend towards pan-Asian films, it should not be long before Hong Kong recruits him for its movies.

While his next film, Sword, will again be directed by long-time collaborator Prachya Pinkaew, Apple Daily reported in August that there are plans for him to star in a Hong Kong action movie directed by Yuen, and co-starring Jacky.

We can only hope.


French Tom Yum Goong trailer / Bande-annonce de L'Honneur du Dragon 23-12-2005

The french Tom Yum Goong trailer (9 MB) and teaser (4 MB) are now online on the official website! The trailer is basically the same than the Thai trailer but with more light and a new soundtrack. Here is the trailer translation :

"Since centuries, elephants are venerated in Thailand. Threathen them, it's challenging the beliefs of a country... One man, alone, defend the honor of his people! A struggle whitout pity. An absolute art. A hero. A new warrior. A legend who lives again. After Ong-Bak, the new Tony Jaa's fight. The honor of the dragon."

The song says : "I'm ready for the fight. Throw out one's chest, frown. Keep courage, whitout the voice it's possible. Against Goliath, do like David. Even if you are small, you are tall in your chest".

La bande-annonce et le teaser de l'Honneur du Dragon - Tom Yum Goong sont maintenant disponibles sur le site officiel! Vous pouvez entendre la nouvelle BO de Disiz la Peste dans le trailer. Le film sortira dans les salles françaises le 8 février 2006!


Tom Yum Goong contest for french residents / Concours sur le site officiel de L'honneur du dragon 22-12-2005

The Tom Yum Goong official french website organizes a contest to win some DVD and posters. Only opened to french residents!

Le site officiel français de L'honneur du Dragon - Tom Yum Goong organise un concours pour gagner 10 DVD de Kill Bill Volume 1, 10 DVD de Aniki mon frêre et 10 affichettes du film L'Honneur du Dragon ! Prochainement, jouez pour tenter de gagner un voyage en Thaïlande. Des incides pour vous aider à répondre aux questions ont été placés sur le site, alors à vous de jouer! Bonne chance!


Krong Thap Teun 2 20-12-2005

Check out some screencaptures of Krong Thap Teun 2 (mirror), an another Tony's early films. No VCD available right now!
Thanks to thailanfight.

Scroll down to answer a new poll : "Who would you like Tony Jaa to fight with ?".


Kon Dib Lhek Nam Pee on VCD 17-12-2005

New Tony Jaa's early film available : Kon Dib Lhek Nam Pee (US$ 5, free worldwide shipping). Check out some screencaptures (mirror).
Thanks to thailanfight.

Sukkisa7 kindly translated the Cauet Show, held last year in France.

Some new Fan Art added.


Eiga magazine scans 15-12-2005

Check out some scans from Eiga magazine (french) :


Charro sent a short video of Tony during the press conference (Bangkok) to promote the Red Cross Fair and the Elephants Festival held annually in November in Surin Province (low quality, Thai).

Added a drawing in the Fan Art page.


Father's Day celebrations videos 11-12-2005

Check out three short videos of Tony Jaa and his parents during the Father's Day celebrations (see the 6th December's news) : video 1, 2, 3 (low quality, Thai language).
Thanks to Charro.


Tom Yum Goong soundtrack / New Tony Pictures 08-12-2005

You can now listen an extract of Disiz la Peste song which will be part of the french Tom Yum Goong soundtrack. The song is called "Prêt pour le combat" (Ready for the fight). Go on the official website, click on "Goodies" and then on "Ecouter un extrait".

Keiko sent in new Tony pictures taken last month during the Gala for elephants preservation. Check out the gallery!


Do you own some Tony Jaa Art work that you'd like to share with us ? Just send me an email and I'll add your work in the gallery. Please leave your name that you would like to be credited as, and your email address or web site if you would like it posted.

Do you remember Saming in Ong-Bak ? You can now visit his official website as well as a fan site (still in construction).


Tony Jaa won't play in Hanuman ? 07-12-2005

According to, Tony Jaa will probably not play in Hanuman and the role might be given to Dan Chupong (Born to Fight). Sia Jiang said that the project is still not finalized. Wait and see!
Thanks to littlekido.


Tom Yum Goong screencaptures / Nuk Kah Win Yarn Hode 07-12-2005

Check out 151 Tom Yum Goong screencaptures, thanks to You can also read a review on their site, in french.


I regularly receive emails asking for the Tom Yum Goong DVD... Some websites are selling it but right now there are NO legal DVD's, they are just fake! Please wait for the korean, HK or thai official DVD, to be released very soon...

Ethaicd is releasing on VCD a new Tony Jaa's early film called Nuk Kah Win Yarn Hode (Thai language, US$ 5.5, free shipping worldwide). Attention, don't expect to much of those early films because Tony was a stuntman, not a lead actor. Screencaptures later!

People interested in buying Muay Thai stuff (tops, shorts, gloves...), can check out who offer a large range of products. Good shopping!


Tony Jaa on Eiga cover (France) 06-12-2005

Tony Jaa will be on the cover of the new french magazine "Eiga" devoted to asian cinema. The magazine will be released on 15 December 2005. Scans later!


Tony Jaa's dad honoured at Father's Day celebrations 06-12-2005

December 5 is the birthday of His Majesty the King, and also is celebrated as Father's Day in Thailand. Air Vice Marshal Kamthon Sindhvananda, Privy Councillor representing the King, presented certificates to 340 outstanding fathers during the holiday. One of them was Thongdee Yeerum, father of Phanom, better known around the world as martial art actor Tony Jaa.
The father of the star of Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong said he taught his son to develop himself and help society. Mr Thongdee said he gave emotional and financial support to his son to pursue his dream, and that dream has carried Thailand into theatres around the world.
Source / More..


More about The Tom Yum Goong French release 05-12-2005

Check out two amazing and exclusives Tom Yum Goong videos for the french release promotion (video 1, video 2) ! The official french website is now online and offer some goodies, pictures... The french trailer will be released soon and an original french soundtrack will be available (first song by Disiz la Peste, a famous french rapper). More later!

Avis aux français ! Découvrez deux extraits exclusifs de L'Honneur du Dragon - Tom Yum Goong, le nouveau film de Tony Jaa qui sortira le 8 février 2006 sur les écrans français (video 1, video 2) ! Vous pouvez dors-et-déjà visiter le site officiel français et découvrir des photos, fonds d'écrans etc... La bande-annonce et le teaser, ainsi que d'autres surprises, suivront bientôt... Une bande originale a été composée spécialement pour le film et le premier single sera une chanson de Disiz la Peste. D'autres infos bientôt, restez connecté!


Ong-Bak - Ultimate Edition THX 2 DVD 05-12-2005

The french Ong-Bak DVD is being released again on 7th December 2005 with THX sound. Several websites list the 2 DVD set with english subtitles, some other not... The silver box comes with some extras : Making of - Video clip - Making of the clip - Action scenes movements - Tony Jaa and Prachya Pinkaew's interviews - Photos - Premiere in France - Trailers - Teasers. Actually this edition is a re-release of the first french DVD but with (probably) english subtitles and THX sound.

* UPDATE * The DVD contains english subtitles and the image quality has been improved. French readers can read a test on