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Happy Birthday Tony Jaa!
Posted by Sawatdee, 05/02/2008

Wishing you another wonderful year of happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!




Kuan Ouy
Posted by Sawatdee, 26/03/2007

Thep sent in tons of informations about an early film of Tony Jaa called "'Kuan Ouy" (1993). This is his 2nd movie in his life as an actor and a stuntman after the 1st "Singh Siam" (1992). You can buy the VCD at HKFlix or Ethaicd (seems to be sold out), check the gallery for screencaptures and visit the forum for more about the film.




Gallery updates
Posted by Sawatdee, 25/03/2007

- New pictures : new photoshoots (2005, low res) ~ Ong-Bak 2 ceremony ~ Bodyguard 2 Film Stills ~ Whai Kruu ceremony ~ Tom Yum Goong Party ~ Meeting with a fan (2004, Hong-Kong) ~ Presentation of the TYG DVD.

- Bigger pictures : New York City Screening ~ AFI Film Festival in 2004 ~ Ong-Bak Premiere in France (#36 to #47) ~ An old photoshoot.




Ong-Bak 2, The Bodyguard 2 and more...
Posted by Sawatdee, 18/03/2007

Updates about Ong-Bak 2 :
     • An oblation ceremony before the filming of Ong-Bak 2 took place in Thailand on February 22, 2007.
     • Ong-Bak 2 is now filming in Thailand, no release date yet.
     • Like previously mentioned, Tony Jaa is the leading actor AND the director, for the first time of his career. He'll be accompanied by the well-known director and martial arts choreographer Panna Rittikrai who will also act as the producer, the action choreographer, and the production manager. Besides Tony and Panna who lead the ceremony, it is crowded by a lot of big and competent Thai film stars, such as Pongpat Wachirabanjong, Nirut Sirijanya, Patthama Panthong. And there is a new girl, Janista ChoochuaiSuwan (nickname, Em) who is the leading actress.

Ong-Bak 2 is the gigantic project features Tony Jaa as the captain who has developed his own screenplay. Tony: “Besides being the leading actor, I also take the seat of director. This movie is different from the first Ong-Bak, because Ong-Bak 2 depicts the Thai older period of Ayuthaya. We offer a new style of fighting adapted from Khon Dance Performance called Muay Khon. We always try something new for our fans.”

This March 2007 is the time for Ong-Bak 2 to begin its full gear production. May Tony Jaa fans and martial arts movie fans have to wait for its release date announced later.
Source : official site


The Bodyguard 2 has been released in Thailand on March 8, 2007. This is the follow up of The Bodyguard, two movies directed by Petchtai Wongkamlao. Tony Jaa has a cameo appearance in both films.
     • The gallery has been updated with pictures, posters and wallpapers of the film.
     • The Bodyguard 2 Official Site is now online with a trailer, some pictures and a game.
     • Buy the official Soundtrack of The Bodyguard 2 at Ethaicd.com as well as the Karaoké VCD.

More about Tony Jaa's appearance at the official site : “Tony Jaa shows some funny gags and very cool Muay fightings in The Bodyguard 2”

Wherever Mum Jokmok is, Tony Jaa is also there. These two guys have become the perfectly joined buddies since the much well-known Ong-Bak 1 to the gigantically budgeted Tom-Yum-Goong. Now in 2007 without exception, the director Petchtai WongKamlao (Mum Jokmok) again invites the worldly popular “Tony ‘No-Sling-No-Stunt’ Jaa” to join a totally demolished fighting scene in The Bodyguard 2. This scene is set up somewhere in RCA (the popular teen-age area of Bangkok) as a noodle booth where Tony combatting against a gang of debt collectors, using his own unique of Muay Thai styles.

This is a scene where Kumlhao (Mum Johmok) and his talented music producer Master Thala (Sermwej ChuangYanyong) are sitting together, leisurely eating noodle and talking about their work. Without warning, a cruel gang of debt collectors passes by and sees Master Thala, the cunning debtor who they’d love so bad to collect the debt with blood. Suddenly, Tony Jaa (whose name in the story is unknown) runs across them with an annoying face, shouting ‘Chaang Kuu Yuu Nhai?!!’ (Where is my elephant?!!) that causes the gangsters much bewildered(??!!). With a lot of temper, the head of the gang goes straight forward to the unknown guy. But things turn out to be that this is not a day of the gangsters at all. Misfortunately, all of them are uncompromisingly beaten up by Tony Jaa, run away leaving the noodle booth completely collapsed. The art of fightings in this movie looks almost as delicious as in Tom-Yum-Goong, and so extremely touching that the sellers and onlookers at RCA cannot help cheering up Tony. Of course, it is rare for them to watch this type of live show from a world superstar right at their place.

Mum: “As I’ve said, I want The Bodyguard 2 to have more amount of and funnier actions. Tony Jaa is the first one in my head for inviting him to particiapte in the movie. His action style is never questioned, but for him to show only the action is not my style of movie. I ask him to do some gags, and not only he is able to do some of them, he even enjoys playing them. He makes me laugh just to see him running up and annoyingly shouting “Where is my elephant?!!”. Come to see my movie to find out where is the elephant he’s looking for. Tony has his own stunt team to create their own beautiful styles of fighting. Even I myself have seen a lot of them before, today I still enjoy them, for Christ sake!

‘Mission Laughable’ is ready to rock your cinema, this March 8.


• Tem Mial sent in this picture of Tony Jaa at the Takasila Game, Thailand, February 2007. Tony Jaa also attempted the SF World Cinema.

• Other gallery updates : Tony Jaa and Bongkot Kongmalai in Taiwan, August 2005, for the Tom Yum Goong's promotion (thumbnails only), a candid photo.

• Two new release dates for Tom Yum Goong : Greece, 5 March 2007 (DVD premiere) and Italy, 6 July 2007.

Born to Fight (US Version, dubbed) is due for release on May 15th, 2007. Here is the list of the expected features :

Language :
Thai and English
Additional Footage :
   1. ONG BAK Spoof (13 min.)
   2. Thai Television Spoof of ONG BAK
Behind the Scenes - "Fearless Maniacs"
Interviews :
   1. Panna Rittikrai - Director, Star; Tony Jaa - Thai Actor
   2. Chokchai Melewan - Producer

The DVD can already be pre-ordered at YesAsia.com.
Reminder : Tony Jaa is not part of the film's cast.


• A cool video to see at video.mthai.com, by Jervin.

• Two Fan Arts added : the first by Tarek and the second by Angel Villa, 6 years old, who is a big Tony Jaa's fan :) Thank you !

• TonyJaa.org has two new partners : www.bestmuaythai.com, a Muay Thai training camp in Thailand by Suwit gym and www.tonyjaa.com.cn, the unofficial Tony Jaa Chinese Fan Site.




Tony Jaa's Official Fan Site
Posted by Sawatdee, 12/03/2007

The official Tony Jaa's Fan Site is now open at www.iamtonyjaa.com. Here are the main news :

- Oblation Ceremony for the Start of Shooting ‘Ong-Bak 2’ Tony Jaa Returns, First Time as the Director
- “Tony Jaa shows some funny gags and very cool Muay fightings in The Bodyguard 2”
- Open Tony Jaa’s Official Site - www.iamtonyjaa.com


Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I couldn't update the website. I'll answer to your emails so please be patient ! Stay tuned for the latest news...




Happy Birthday Tony
Posted by Sawatdee, 05/02/2007


Tony Jaa turns 31 today. On behalf of tonyjaa.org and fans all over the world, Happy Birthday !



The Bodyguard 2 Trailer
Posted by Sawatdee, 10/01/2007


Check out the new trailer for The Bodyguard 2 with Petchtai Wongkamlao and Tony Jaa!

The Bodyguard 2 is the follow up of The Bodyguard, two movies directed by Petchtai Wongkamlao. Tony Jaa makes a cameo appearance in both films. More informations later.



Ong-Bak 2 to be released in September 2007 ?
The Protector on DVD
Inside Kung Fu
Fan Art

Posted by Sawatdee, 07/01/2007


Thai action movie eyes US
From news.com.au :

"The movie (Ong-Bak 2) is set to be released in September next year (2007), and will definitely be another hit for Tony Jaa" said Gilbert Lim, vice president for acquisition and sales of Sahamongkol Film. The Weinstein Company, US distributor of Ong Bak, has already bought a license to release Ong Bak 2.


The Protector on DVD January 16th


The DVD will include two versions of the film - the theatrical cut and the longer (27 minutes) Thai version. Language track options include English or English/Thai, with subtitles offering English and Spanish.

DVD Special Features:

• Feature length commentary with Asian Film expert Bey Logan
• No Wires Attached: Making the Protector
• Making Tony Jaa Featurette
• The Director’s Guided Tour
• Tony Jaa Martial Arts Demonstration
• Making Tom Yum Goong
• Theatrical trailer

For a chance to win your own copy of The Protector, check out this thread.

- The Protector Trailer
- Buy this DVD at Amazon.com.


Tony Jaa is on the cover of Inside Kung Fu. If you have the scans, you can send them to me.


At Twitch, you can win Free Tickets To See The Uncut Version of The Protector (AKA Tom Yum Goong) On The Big Screen In Toronto!


Four FanArts have been added, thanks to Justin and Chris :


Updates for Ong-Bak 2
Posted by Sawatdee, 04/01/2007

Thep sent in the link to this article at nationmultimedia.com :

Ong-Bak 2 is not a sequel to Ong-Bak but a remake of "Ai Noom Saraphad Phid", a film Tony made with his mentor Panna Ritthikrai several years ago. The story, which literally means the man with poison, is about a man with two sides - good and evil.

Jaa and Panna are working on a complex choreography that melds muay thai (kick boxing) with khon. Jaa says he got the idea after meeting performance artist Pichet Klunchun during the Subhanahongsa Awards ceremony last year (You can download the video of this show on the website, thanks to Charro).

"Khon's main characters - phra [prince], yak [giant] and ling [monkey] represent different gestures. The phra character has a gracious, subtle style, while the yak is stronger, more aggressive and the ling is swift and agile. I will incorporate all three in my character."

Fans will see him fighting with a range of weapons, including the sword and the spear.

The script for the upcoming collaboration between Tony Jaa and Prachya Pinkaew "Daab Atamat" (Sword) was being developed by well-known writer Prapas Chonsalanon and Prachya suggested that Jaa run the project with Panna under their new company Aiyara Films.

Shooting for "Ong Bak 2" will begin in the new year and is scheduled for completion by the end of 2007.

Read the full article " High-kicking khon".

Exciting !


2006 Recap
Posted by Sawatdee, 04/01/2007

As we enter 2007, I'd like to make a short recap of what happened in 2006.

TonyJaa.org receives an average of 5000 unique visitors per day and over 120 millions of hits per month !!!

More than 200 videos and audios can be downloaded on this site and the gallery contains over 5000 pictures of Tony Jaa.

The forum is growing up with 1675 members and more than 27000 posts.

Here is the top 20 of the most downloaded files :

The Protector Trailer - 17568 downloads
Commercial for Thai fruits - 10990 downloads
Tom Yum Goong Japan Trailer - 9811 downloads
Tom Yum Gonng Thai Trailer - 9598 downloads
Warrior King UK Trailer - 8213 downloads
Tony Jaa rapping - 7476 downloads
Tony Jaa singing Roi Yim Nak Soo - 6400 downloads
Sukaj Show in Japan (High) - 5845 downloads
Tony Jaa singing I knew I love you (Savage Garden) - 5139 downloads
Ong-Bak clip by Tragédie (France) - 4392 downloads
Jor Jai Show - 4267 downloads
Half Time Lakers Game Demo - 4182 downloads
La Méthode Cauet_Show (France) - 4067 downloads
Action in Japan - 4049 downloads
Buenafuente Show in Spain - 4039 downloads
The Great Challenge Part 1 - 3935 downloads
The Making of Tom Yum Goong Part 1 - 3925 downloads
Sukaj Show in Japan (Low) - 3908 downloads
Hong Kong Premiere (2004) - 3848 downloads
Supannahong Demo - 3641 downloads

What's next in 2007 ?

Tony Jaa will be soon shooting his new film, Ong-Bak 2 (to be released by the end of this year), and the Protector DVD will be released on 16th January.

Thank you all for your continued support in 2006, and we look forward to another exciting year in 2007.


Happy New Year message from Tony Jaa
Posted by Sawatdee, 01/01/2007

Happy New Year message from Tony Jaa !

Tony Jaa was king enough to send tonyjaa.org a message for the New Year :

Thank a lot for your kindness toward your fans. All the best !


Happy 2007 !
Posted by Sawatdee, 01/01/2007

Happy New Year !

สวัสดีปีใหม่ (Sawatdii Pimaï)

I wish Tony Jaa and the website's readers a happy new year full of happiness and success ! Happy 2007...



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