Martial Arts in Tom Yum Goong : Smashing Elephant Boxing


             "For ‘Ong-Bak', we promoted that there was no sling and no stunt. As a result, Thai boxing and I become well-known to the world. I want to thank the people who inspired me; Bruce Lee, Jet Lee, and Professor Panna. Before acting in “Tom Yum Goong”. I have spent two years learning more about Thai boxing and come to see the true beauty of this art. It's really worth putting on a film, especially the set of boxing movement called “Muay Koshasan” or “Elephant boxing” . It is an ancient art, focusing on the act of hurling, pressing, grabbing, and breaking. There are also the boxing movements which imitate the movement of elephant, such as, Elephant Stab, Arawan Upper-cut, Break the Elephant's nose, etc. Both Thai and foreign audience will surely see some new and refreshing actions in this film. They won't be disappointed."