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Thank you so much to Tony Jaa, Prachya Pinkaew and all the persons who help !


• During his US Ong-Bak Tour on February 2005, and with the help of his american interpreter, Tony Jaa was kind enough to answer some of our questions on's forum. You can read the original posts here.


• In June 2005, Tony Jaa sent us a video message to thanks and his fans ! A slightly longer version of this video is available on the bonus disc of Tom Yum Goong : The Game. Here is the message of Tony Jaa :

"Hello I am Tony Jaa ! Welcome to (spelling the letters ORG in thai)... . "I am grateful and thank you all for making these websites for me and for keeping up with all the news. Wherever I go I always get updated news. When browsing online I saw my photos being used to promote the movie in all kind of countries. Whether I was in Asia, Europe or America, I saw new pictures of me on all sort of websites. Thank you to my fans for creating these websites for me".


Prachya Pinkaew kindly talked about during the "Ong-Bak on tour" show aired on thai television in July 2005 and available on the "Ong-Bak on tour" vcd (you can see the first version of on these screencaptures).

Prachya : "Normally we would have made a fanclub website for Tony Jaa... but we have been working very hard. All of the web names like Tony Jaa, Tony Jaa Ong Bak, and things like that have all been taken already".

Host : "Oh so was already taken".

Prachya : "it seems that the biggest fanclub is tonyjaa dot o-r-g ( Tony Jaa, Jaa, j double a".

Host : "Oh if it is .org then it means the website is not for commercial. This person must be doing it because they like and have true admiration".

Prachya : "I think the owner of the website is probably japanese (no, she's french :) because in japan they have a lot of fanclubs. There are icons of pictures of Jaa Panom. They also make a gallery and trade pictures of Jaa Panom. They're really fast with updates too. Like this program... after it is on air, it won't be long until they have pictures up on the website. There have been a lot of times that i found out about news from that website. And sometimes when we are traveling to other countries, we don't take a lot of pictures of our own. Then we look on the fanclub websites and see the pictures from the fans. There are a lot of pictures from camera phones".

Host : "A lot of people want news about the new movie tom yum goong. There's already some information out there, right?"

Prachya : "Go to this website, this fanclub website. They have really great and thorough informations. When we were filming in Australia, they even have pictures of us in Australia. When we went to america and did performance at NBA game, they even have video of that".


• In August 2005, Tony Jaa talked about during a thai tv show called "Wan Wan Young Wann Yuu". Thank you !


• I had the pleasure to met Tony Jaa in January 2006, in Paris. Read the story here.


• was also quoted in several media :

     - Lips Magazine (Thailand) : "Now I have a fanclub site created by a foriegner called Tony Jaa dot O-R-G ( . Whatever I do, wherever I go, they report everything. Sometimes I chatted with them, too" - Tony Jaa.
     - Positioning mag.
     - was also quoted during the Lucky Cat Radio Show (UK) in october 2005.

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