Kor Boke Show

12 august 2005


By Thawan Daeng

hosts say Prachya should enter the same way Tony does (walk on hands)

hosts ask how they got the name Tony Jaa. Prachya made the name because if Tony becomes popular outside of Thailand, he will need a western name because Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan all use western names. Prachya says he thought of the name Tony because it will have similar sound to Thailand

host ask how much more expensive is tyg than ob?
prachya says a lot.
tony says he had to think of a lot new ideas for TYG.
female host says he should think about dating an older woman.

tony says he had to think of new muay thai too, and because the movie is about elephants, he use elephant muay thai, for example the move chaang tamrai rohng , which is a move that many thai people probably do not know.
female host asks if this is really an ancient move, or did tony make it up himself.
tony says it really is an ancient move, but he modified it a little bit so that it can be understood worldwide.

female host asks if there are other elephant-based moves?
tony says yes, for example kodjasarn tang rohng, hak nguang aiyara
female host asks if there is a move that will instantly kill, and if tony can demonstrate one on the male host
male host says the kind that kills instantly without the victim suffering
tony says there is hak nguang aiyara (breaking the elephant's trunk), and he emphasizes the BREAK

male host asks if tony can demonstrate chaang tamrai rohng . he asks female host if she's gonna miss him
tony demonstrate the move, then he explains that there is twisting, locking, squeezing
female host asks tony if he can demonstrate the squeezing

male host says she has to experience to find out, but look at how his arm is after the demonstration (pretending like it is broken)
female host says in that case she won't try.

female host asks why they choose the title "tom yum goong"
prachya says that foreigners will recognize the name as thai.
female host asks if the next movie will be called "pad thai"
prachya says there is already a movie called "pad thai"

hosts say that people are probably wondering what the movie will be like, so they show a trailer.

female host asks if there was a scene that was like a really close-call
tony says the was probably in the x-games scene, because everything is so fast. and also another scene where he has to do a flip and then be like a gecko

female host asks if the motorcycles crashed
tony says that everything had to be perfectly timed

male host asks if he was ever scared for his life
tony says yes
male host asks how he was able to overcome the fear
tony says he was scared of dying, but he dared to do it in the correct capacity, because they were responsible about the planning.
female host says that this was possible because of all of the practice and rehearsal that he does, until they are sure that it can be done. they didn't just get up and do it carelessly.
tony says that they had to be sure of it.
prachya says that there was a scene that tony didn't dare try, so they had to change it. it was a scene with tak. love scene.
female host says that if that's the case, then she volunteer to help him for rehearsals
male host says that instead of tony rehearsing with female host, he volunteers to stand-in.

female host asks prachya to say a few words about tony
prachya says that the first time they met, tony looked very tired in the eyes, so he asked panna why tony looked so tired. panna told him it's because he practices so hard, he practices for more than 8 hours a day. when he puts his heart to it, he can do anything, and he always puts his heart into it. prachya says that he works so hard, that tony can do anything he can think of. prachya says there isn't anything he has thought of that tony can not do.

male host asks how much the movie cost to make
prachya says 200 million baht
male host asks what he wants people to think of the movie
prachya says he wants people to be pleased with the movie. he says he thinks the foreigners will be pleased with the movie, and he wants thai people to really be pleased with the movie.

female host thanks prachya pinkaew, and says in next segment they will talk to tony about going international.

female host says that in regards to tony going international, you have to think of ong bak, which brought worldwide attention to thailand. in only 400 theaters in america, ong bak made it to #17 at the box office. she asks tony which countries he visited?
tony lists the places he has been to.
male host asks tony if he will have cramps in his hands before he finishes counting the countries.
female host asks tony which country he was most anxious to visit
tony says he was anxious about all of them, because he is going to represent his country. going to hong kong made him worry the most because that's where the superstars are from. tony's heroes are from there: jet li, jackie chan, bruce lee. the demo that he does shows muay thai and shows he doesn't use sling, cg, etc
tony says that he watched cantonese language ong bak, and he thought it was funny watching himself speaking cantonese (he imitates). at the end of the movie, there is an announcement that tony jaa is watching the movie with that audience, and everyone stands up looking around for him. then when he stands up, the couple standing behind him almost fell out of their chair in shock. and then tony does demo for the movie audience. he told the audience that his inspiration were bruce lee, jackie chan, and jet li, and if not for these people, there would be no tony jaa. when the audience heard this, they clap for him and he felt like they give him their heart and accept him.

male host says he heard that tony was always stealing the scene in america.
tony says he did that everywhere he went. he would go to movie gala in the evening. he had to wear a tuxedo, ride in a limousine, walk on the red carpet, and have bodyguards. so when tony would come out of the limousine, he would be very nervous and he would recognize all of the hollywood stars. all of the news reporters and cameramen would be following the hollywood stars. so tony's PR told him to do a flip. so tony just do a flip in the tuxedo, and all of the cameras would follow him. and then as soon as he do a flip, he would go run and hide

female host says he has been doing promotions like that ever since he was a kid
tony says that when he was younger, he was very shy. he tells a story that in order to get people's attention, he would stage a fight with his friends. after a festival, his friends would look like they're going to get into a real fight, and even his schoolteacher would help their fake fight, by yelling at them to stop (he was part of the scene). then tony would come in to stop the fight.


female host: well he really does know how to promote himself
male host: why is that?
fh: he's been promoting himself ever since he was young; he's been practicing
mh: how so?
fh: we'll have to hear him tell us
tony jaa: i like performing, but i've always been very shy. well... hey, i don't have good looks. but i have some talent and ability. so whenever i want to do something for people to see... i would have my friends help me out. for example, singing a song, or performing gymnastics, and things like that. there was one time when i wanted to put on a show with my friends. my friends helped me to put together a show. we put together special-effects flowerpots and things. we set them up since the early morning. so early that no one saw, the teachers didn't know.
fh: clever, very clever
mh: yes that's right
tj: we put flowers in them to match the scene, so no one would know. when it was showtime... after the parade finished, after the show is over, when everyone is getting ready to leave... this is when my friends begin, causing a commotion. and then a teacher yelled "hey what's going on?!"
mh: you have the teacher playing too?
tj: yes the teacher played along with us.
mh: wow that's great!
tj: "what's going on?!" so that's when my friends rush in. they're acting like they're really gonna fight, their facial expressions show they're really serious, one has fake blood on his head, pointing his finger directly at the other friend. and i'm dressed up as a student, and i stand up to tell them to stop fighting.
mh: ohhh you're the hero!
tj: (laughs) so i stand up and tell them "hey settle down, let's talk it out." then another friend sneaks up behind me with the flowerpot and smashes me with it!
fh: the fake one right?
tj: the fake one.
mh: weren't you afraid he's gonna pick up the wrong one?
tj: (laughs)
fh: if he misses the cue. so he smashes it right on your head?
tj: right on my head BOOM! the crowd is totally shocked like "WHOA!" at this point, i put on my show. i perform the really pretty moves, not the ones that are really violent and dangerous. the action that's really cool to see.
fh: like flips and such?
tj: that's right. so the audience is really excited... and they're... speechless. speechless! totally speechless. (laughs)
mh: well obviously they're speechless!
tj: at the end, we announce we're gonna accept people to train and they've seen a performance of Krabi-Krabong. The end.
fh: then everyone goes to you. but when the girls see jaa, they all start to drool.
mh: so with all this, did anyone ever go to you and ask "jaa, jaa... are you CRAZY?!"
tj: (laughs) there have been. the thing is... it is a little crazy. i think it's because... they see we're a little bit different from others. because it takes so much time to practice this, almost too much time. like when i practice so much, i dream about it. and when i walk to school, i practice the whole time i'm walking to school.
fh: who's gonna dare to sleep next to someone like that?
tj: for example, one time i had practiced so hard all day. and i fell asleep. my friends were nearby. that day i was practicing a twist and a double-flip. i was sleeping, and kind of moving around.
mh: and so you were twisting around in your sleep? (laughs)
tj: that's right. (laughs) so when i was dreaming, i did a twist and fell right off the bed! (laughs) and i just stayed there. everyone turned the lights on and was like "what happened?!" (laughs)
mh: so you're a really devoted person.
fh: practices very hard. if you're so devoted like that... do you have a girlfriend?
tj: well i want to tell you that right now i am still single. because...
fh: why are you still single?
tj: well because what i'm doing now... it really requires a lot of attention and it's really dangerous. your life is hanging by a string. if i'm working on something stressful... if i have to do a flip at the top of a building or something like that...
mh: oh you'd be worried
tj: yeah worried. right now, i'm laying a foundation. and i want to take things a step at a time. right now i'm still young, i still have vigor, there's still a lot for me to do.
fh: and you don't want anyone to be worried about you.
tj: yes. and i want to be able to take it easy when i get older.
fh: another thing i want to ask... you've been around the world... what are your specs for a girl? do you still like thai girls?
tj: (points to female host)
mh: wait, hang on a second. he's actually pointing past you, at a dancer behind you.
fh: now you're speaking for him? let's just go with what he says!
mh: really he's pointing right past you!
fh: stop it i'm blushing! (laughs) ok so what kind of girls do you like? do you like thai girls or half-thai or western/foreign girls?
tj: well, i like... i like... well i like japanese girls and i like korean girls... but really, i really like thai girls.
mh: you like thai girls. with distinctly thai features.
tj: that's right. like... girls with a pretty smile and have eyes. "have eyes" (laughs)
mh: who doesn't have eyes?
tj: (laughs) i mean girls that have charming eyes.
mh: like this girl, right? (points towards female host, then points toward dancer when female host isn't looking) this girl?
fh: (sees male host pointing towards dancer) hey! you know there's no dancer there right? they left.
mh: ok so anyway, you like thai girls.
fh: ok so a thai girlfriend will have to wait. well speaking of fans, is there anything you want to say to fans in thailand and around the world?
mh: our show goes to other countries, you know.
tj: ok well... really i want to say thank you to for giving me this opportunity. i didn't get here alone. this opportunity comes from all of the fans. everyone who went to see ong bak. the opportunity to make thai movies... i'd like to say this... to make thai movies popular in other countries, it's from the people who watch the movies. this is really close to my heart. to show the thai traditions, to show the thai movies.
fh: so this goes for tom yum goong too.
tj: yes, well that's it. i want people to watch thai movies. thank you.
fh & mh: thank you to the audience and thank you to jaa panom, mr. tony jaa!