Lang Ka Deaw Kan Show

12 august 2005


by Recoba,

4:07-5:37 min
The hosts have Jaa's dad and mom guess that, if Jaa has to be in a romantic movie, which kind of scene will Jaa be willing to play between three scenes from Ghost, Spiderman, and The Letter (as they show the samples). Jaa's dad picks #2. Mom picks #3. And Jaa says he would pick #3, The Letter because it's not too extreme.

8:42-9:50 min
Male Host: (asking Jaa's dad) How is your life now?
Dad: I don't have to go out and work anymore since Ong Bak was released.
Jaa: Before that, my dad had to work in elephant farms in other provinces.
Dad: Like in Chiang Mai or Phuket.
Jaa: So we didn't really have time to live together.
MH: So what about now?
Dad: Now we have brought elephants home and Jaa has planted a small forest for them to live. Now elephants are happy and I am happy cz we don't have to go out to work.
MH: Before hand, mom and dad didn't have much chance to live together and dad had to borrow others' money, but now your son has cleared up everything.
Female Host: And your life is much better. But now people may recognize that you are Jaa's mom and dad, so do you have up...and stuff or you are the same?
Dad: Our dressing may somewhat change, but our souls are still the same.
(we can hear the cheering sounds from the audience following dad's philosophical statement.)

14:13-17:09 min
MH: Actually Jaa's martial art skills may be genetic trends from his father. He was a real tough fighter before.
FH: Dad used to...
Dad: fight in boxing matches.
FH: Do you have any deadly technique?
Dad: Yes.
FH&MH: What is it?
Dad: Kick and elbow attack. And sometimes Jarake Fad Hang (Crocodile tail attack).
MH: Can you still do that now?
Dad: Yes.. but not as fast as I could before.
MH: Can you show us one move?
FH: (to MH) Is it too dangerous?
MH: He can show the one that is not too difficult.
(Dad stands up)
Jaa: Mom said be careful.
FH: Take it easy...
(Dad demonstrates his combo move.)
MH: How long have you done boxing?
Dad: I started at 18 until I was 23, and then I became a monk.
MH: And get married?
Dad: And married.
(They all laugh. I don't know how to translate this part to English, but it's really funny in Thai)
FH: Dad hasn't had a boxing match for a long time, but he had a chance in a friendly match in the Thailand-Cambodia friendship promotion fair.
MH: How did you get into the competition?
Dad: I heard an announcement fair, asking for talented boxers to come to the stage and show your skills. There was a champion of the tournament, waiting for challengers.
MH: And he was so good that nobody dared to fight.
Dad: So I got up to the stage. My sons didn't know that. When they saw me on the stage, they were like..what dad was doing overthere.
MH: So how did it come out?
Dad: KO in the second round.
MH: He knocked you out?
Dad: haha..I knocked him out with my elbow.
(And then the hosts ask Jaa and mom what nickname did dad use in that fight. Both Jaa and mom got it wrong.)

17:21-19:27 min
FH: So now dad and mom are living with their children. Do you travel to visit your son a lot?
Dad: Yes, sometimes we come visit Jaa in Bangkok, and then go back home.
FH: Still that's pretty far. Mommy, are you worried about your son?
Mom: Yes.
FH: What are you worried about?
Mom: His health.
MH: What else?
Dad: About girls also.
(They zoom at Jaa's funny face.)
MH: What in girls that you are worried about?
Dad: Jaa is too innocent. I am worried that he would be fooled by women.
(Jaa covers his face with his hands in embarassment)
Dad: He can easily be deceived by women.
MH: far, are there any woman trying to beguile your son?
Dad: far
MH: Then what kind of daughter-in-law do you like? Mom?
Mom: Any kind is ok. Just be ladylike and sincerely loves my son.
Dad: Actually, each person has her own good sides.
FH: Dad, I also have some good sides. (Jaa laughs)
Dad: But there are three important qualities. First, she should be good at domestic affairs.
FH: I'll start taking a cooking lesson.
Dad: Second, take good care of the family.
FH: I've been nursing children for a long time...
Dad: Third, she should behave appropriately in a right place at a right time. Be a moral person. Don't secretly do wrong things behind parents' back.
FH: Wait..sir, sir, normally this last quality should be what woman's parents look for. (They all laugh).
MH: Dad is afraid that a woman will sneak into his son's bedroom. He just hopes that she comes and goes openly.
FH: (To dad) So have you found that woman yet?
Dad: No, not yet.
FH: (To Jaa) So what about you. What is your type of woman?
Jaa: It's just my heart. If I feel she's right, then she's right.
MH: Appearance is not important?
Jaa: No.
MH: The important thing is that you understand each other?
Jaa: Yes.