Tee Nee Mor Chit Show

7 august 2005


by Cactrot Rapido

1st scene at the bay:

They talked about Hong Kong and the bay. Then they introduced Tony Jaa. They said that TYG is a hit even it isn't out yet. Ling, the guy on the right showed some actions, and said he wanted to be like Tony jaa so that he can use Muay Thai to help people. Then the bad guys came and took his bag. Ling said "WAIT.... take my sunglasses too....." and cried.

2nd scene at the street:

Sanya (the guy with glasses) said they'll go to see Tony Jaa set a record teaching Muay Thai to 1,000 of people. But Ling disappeared. Then he found Ling eating noodle in the corner.. He said why are you eating cup noodle here. Ling said they came for TYG so he ate noodle TYG flavor. Then Ling showed that in Thailand there're cup noodle TYG flavor which have Tony Jaa in TYG the movie images on the cups.

3rd scene

They went to the mall "Discovery Park" to see the event. The event was setting world record about teaching Muay Thai to the largest amount of volunteers.

4th scene (the interview)

They talked that Jaa has to travel a lot to promote his movies, recently. Jaa said 7-8 countries around the world, 2 for France, 2 for USA, 2 for Korea, 2 for Japan, 2 for Hong Kong. Then Jaa said a line in Chinese, Korean, French and Khmer (Bon Soir and Bong Salaniang as he joked). Then they talked about the fan, Jaa mention about fan making website for him again (I think he meant this site but the show cut that part out) He said Luc Besson used to take him on helicopter seeing view from above France and visit his house and studio.

Sanya said is it true that Jacky Chan wanted to see Jaa. Jaa said when he came to Hong Kong (that time), JC phoned him and wanted to have a dinner with him, but he came back to Thailand first, so he missed it, unfortunately.

Then they talked that Jaa is in 122 most influential person in the world in "Entertainment Weekly" magazine. Jaa said he's 108th.

Jaa also said that everything (the hit, the fame) happens so fast and he already passed the point that he expected, so everything these days is just a profit of his life which he enjoys it.

Then they talked about what's it going to be on TYG because the things in Ong bak are amazing enough, will he run out an idea or something. Jaa said actually there're many more about Muay Thai which the more he learn the more he know. Jaa said the kind of Muay Thai moves in TYG involve elephant is applied from elephant characteristic. He described how elephants use their trunk and tusk to fight.

Sanya said is Jaa going to do something more and more dangerous (risk his life) in his next movies (in the future). Jaa said that he won't do something crazy, everything must be well prepared.

Jaa talked about his elephants. He builds forest for them. One of the elephants is very old, Jaa called her "Yai Dokmai" (Yai = grandmother, Dokmai = flower) she's 40 years old.

*Jaa has 2 elephants, Dokmai and Baimai (Baimai = leaf)

Sanya asked if there's anything Jaa can't do in the movies. Jaa said probably love scene.

In the end, Jaa said to Thai people that please support this Thai film to promote Thai culture.