Wan Wan Young Wann Yuu Show

5 august 2005


by Cactrit Rapido

1st part

- He sang an English song as he came out.
- Yui (an actress in a TV drama) came to surprise Jaa because they know Jaa used to tell that he likes her. This's when Jaa's face turn red. He barely answered a thing. And they know that Jaa wants to take a picture with her so they had a camera man prepared for it. They suggested Yui to hold Jaa's arm but Yui made it more interesting, she hold his shoulders. 02_biggrin.gif Then the camera man told Jaa to stand above Yui in the back of sofa. Jaa had to bend down to get in the frame and that's when he had to grab something. He pretended to grab Yui's shounder because he's too shy to actually touch her. Then the host noticed that and made fun of him, Jaa blushed and hid behind the sofa, then he had to grab her shoulder for real. LOL What a scene!
- They asked Jaa and Yui if they like to be on the same movie. Both said yes. Yui said she's waiting to see Yom Yum Goong too.

2nd part

He talked about his past.
- He used to be "Kwan Chang" (a person who rides and takes care of elephant, get money from tourists who want to ride elephant)
- He and Panna (his stunt master) used to do "???????" business. (It's a business that you travel around country showing movies. You have a big movie screen on your truck and set it up in a field and collect money from the villagers who want to see) Jaa was an announcer and sometimes voiced the movies they showed.
- Jaa decided to quit a college of sport on his 3rd year just to be with Panna and do something about stunt and filming. This's when Jaa was picked to be a stunt in Insee Daeng (Red Eagle). It's kinda like Batman. And also he was picked to be a stunt in Mortal Kombat too.
- Money from his stunt job and Panna was budget of their first film called" Kon Sarapad Pid" (Kon is person or man. Sarapad Pid is used to describe something dangerous in too many ways)
- The budget is around 100,000 Baht. They intended to make the movie as cheap as possible, so they used second-handed film or the film that was left. They spent 3 months to shoot this movie. However, the film was low quality, so the result is the movie is too dark and it can't be used. This's the lowest point of Jaa's life. Both Jaa and Panna were drunk and cried together. All their effort and money was gone for nothing.

3rd part

- This is the most important part. We got to see "proto-Ong Bak" or Kon Sarapad Pid. It's the first film that Tony Jaa and Panna made. He described that it's what they want an action film to be. Most of the fighting scenes is in Ong Bak. Jaa played as the hero. Panna directed it.
- They talked about Jaa's face changing from the past. Jaa and Pratchaya Pinkaew confirmed that Jaa didn't take any surgery. He only did something dental. Then Jaa joked that his face changed because of being kicked too much.

4th part

They talked about Jaa's activities and fan. He said that his fanclub made a website for him, then he mentioned abbout TonyJaa.org !!!!!!!!! LOL Then they showed this website's main page.

And his younger brother and a kid of his family came as a surprise.